Temple Run: Frozen Festival

Temple Run: Frozen Festival

A deep and snowy winter has arrived in Temple Run 2! Brave the cold with the return of Frozen Festival.

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How to play Temple Run: Frozen Festival?

Temple Run 2 is a parkour type of game, similar to most parkour games. The operation is very convenient, but the background of the temple escape is the Aztec style, and most modern sets are not the same. The story takes place in the temple in the rainforest; the player is an explorer to avoid the temple guards behind the pursuit of killing. In the escape will encounter many obstacles to pull away from the guard.

The essential operation of the game is to jump on the finger, and the downward stroke can slide and kneel through the tree hole. Moving your fingers left and right is to control the character's left, and right turns, and unlike other parkour games, moving left and right only needs to tilt the phone to the left and right to make the character move without the need for additional finger sliding. The obstacles in the game have curves, so players should pay attention to the turns in time, among which there are more common obstacles; the roots of the trees need to be drilled from below, and the origins of the trees will be hit to reduce the distance between them and the temple guards. You can use the jump-up to jump over traps and obstacles. In the game's later stages, the operation difficulty will become more significant, and you need to walk along the edge so as not to step on the collapsed ground. The game's speed will also be accelerated, which is a big test for the player's reaction speed. In the Temple Escape level, some rewards and parkour props will help you make it easier to pass the level. For example, sprints and magnets are essential props, and sprints can help themselves enter an invincible state to run forward, equivalent to automatic operation in an unstoppable form. Magnets can help attract coins on the road, collect more resources during the game, and buy some props to facilitate the subsequent game experience.