HUMAN WHEEL is a game developed by 2Play. This is a 3D cartoon style parkour game.

The characters in the game use the 3D rubber man image, which looks more realistic. The game track is a runway built on top of the city skyscrapers.

The game's graphics are designed with soft colors, which will create a relaxing visual experience for players.

This game is especially suitable for players who like the image of the rubber man character and like parkour games.

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How to play HUMAN WHEEL?

The game is simple to play. Players need to click on the character after starting the game to trigger the character to run forward, by swiping left and right on the screen to control the direction of the character forward.

Players will see people standing scattered on the track, players need to do is to gather as many people on the track together to form a giant human wheel. 

In the course of the game will encounter a variety of obstacles, such as cliffs, ladders, etc., in the encounter of these obstacles, will consume a certain number of members, so players need to gather as many members as possible in the early stage.

Players can also collect gold coins on the track during the game, and the gold coins collected can be used to unlock different images of the characters.