HIGHWAY RACER 3D is a game developed by New Gamer. This is a fun racing game.

The graphics of this game are designed to be very realistic and will give the player a feeling as if they are really driving on the road.

In this game, players will experience a different kind of fun and gameplay from other racing games of the same category, players will be able to drive a cool super car on the road to race experience.

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How to play HIGHWAY RACER 3D?

This game is simple to operate, players only need to use the arrow keys to control the forward direction of the car.

The game has a wide range of cars for players to choose from, and players can also modify your own cars in the game, players can change the body color, vehicle tires, increase maneuverability, adjust acceleration and braking performance, in order to get a better performance of the car.

When players win the game, you can get a lot of money rewards and high scores, as long as players ensure that the car does not hit the highway, you can drive your car forward as much as you want.