THE LAST MAN is a game developed by Catom Games. It is a top-down science fiction shooter game.

The game is set in a distant alien base where the human research base has been destroyed by aliens, and the player plays as a special operations team that came here but was attacked by aliens.

Players who like gun fighting games and adventure games will love this game.

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How to play THE LAST MAN?

In playing this game requires a certain amount of game skills. Players have to collect all the weapons and equipment they find along the way, and when they encounter aliens, they have to pay attention to both avoiding the aliens' attacks and making sure they can kill them in one hit, otherwise they might be killed by the aliens in return.

There are 9 different weapons in the game, such as combat knives, various types of firearms, etc., which players can use to attack the aliens. Players need to take the collected items to successfully find the exit to win the game.

There are many levels in this game, and the difficulty of each level varies, so players can choose which game mode and level they want to play according to their game level.