Among Us Online v3

Among Us Online v3

Welcome to Among Us Online v3 game. In this game you can play only solo as imposter or crewmate on the space ship. You can do sabotage on spaceship or killing them one by one and without being caught. You can customize your character and game settings. Have a nice game!

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How to play Among Us Online v3?

First, the starting rule

1, the background of the game is in a spaceship, in the game is divided into two camps; players will be divided into two groups, two factions, one is the regular crew (good guys), and the other is the pretender (werewolf/bad guys). The pretender is also known as the imposter.

2, There are eight players or crewmates, one imposter inside, and seven good people. The imposter's identity is not made public, and the crew must find it by themselves.

3. When the number of werewolves in the game is the same as the number of good people, the werewolf can win the game.

Second, the conditions for winning or losing

Crew's camp

1. Complete all shipbuilding tasks.

2. Throw all impersonators out of the airlock by voting.

Impostor camp

Impersonators also have two ways to win:

1. One is a time-limited task that destroys the spacecraft's critical components. If the crew does not complete the corresponding task (repair the reactor or repair the oxygen supply device) within the specified time, the impersonator directly wins.

2. Another way to win is to keep killing the crew until the number of impersonators is the same as the crew, and victory can be obtained. 

Third: Game flow and unique mechanics

Discussion session

1. It is a mandatory part of the game; when someone reports the discovery of the body, everyone enters the discussion and enters the vote, and the most votes are thrown out of the airlock. In addition, during the game, you can press the emergency button to force the game discussion, and the emergency button also has a limit of the number of times per game (two times).

2, The vote can be assigned to a player according to the discussion. You can also skip the vote when the situation is unclear. The user with the most votes (or missed the most) is the only result of the discussion in this round. If a player gets the most votes, the player is thrown out. If the number of people who skipped the voice is the largest, no player in this round is thrown out of the airlock.

Crew mission

1, the game crew can get victory of the game by completing all the tasks. Everyone’s task content is slightly different, and some tasks must be carried out cooperatively. You can go according to the instructions on the map, and tasks are generally relatively simple small tasks. You can do them with your mouse or finger, and the progress and content of the task will be displayed in the upper left corner of the player interface. It should be noted that it is necessary to avoid acting alone as much as possible so that there are no witnesses to the K.O.

Overall, Among Us is a social, strategic game—one person, and one vote, which is very fair.